Have you and your friends ever wanted to have a Pit Master experience where you can be the Pit Master?  Have you ever wanted to be the HERO of your family reunion or office party and say that YOU were the Pit Master and prepared those wonderful ribs or that WHOLE HOG?  Rite-On-Que offers a unique "HOGNIGHTER" experience where you and your boys (and ladies if you like) can have just that experience.  We can take you step by step from picking out the meat, seasoning, prepping the smoker, managing the fire, full cooking process, and finally a nice presentation to your dinner table.  We can customize any experience that is right for you.  

We can do this at any location of your choice (just make sure its legal) or at our special location on the St. Johns River, complete with bonfire and bathrooms.  You can stay for the whole duration (bring tents) or as long as you like.  Bring your chair and whatever you need to have an experience of a lifetime.

Contact us to create your HOGNIGHTER experience!

"where heaven meats earth"