Did you know Rite On Que also does catering? 
We catering weddings, office parties, private parties, special events, etc.
We can serve as little as 10 up to 500+ ($500 minimum).  Our BBQ is second to none, but we also have some of the 
best fried chicken, low country boil, and we also do whole hogs.   We can meet any catering needs and will suggest scheduling a time to come by and taste some of our fantastic offerings. 

Here are some of the normal questions we are asked…
When is payment due?
We require 25% to reserve your date.
This is refundable up until 30 days prior to your event. The remaining 75% is due 14 days prior to your event. 
We accept payment from all credit cards as well as check and cash.
What is the process to order?
Simple – get in contact with Larry Lawson. Call/text 904-945-7767. roqjax@gmail.com
What types of plates/flatware do you provide?
We provide all the basics. All our normal menu packages include matching black or white plastic plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, and white paper napkins. 
What types of drinks do you provide? Do you provide alcohol?
Drinks are a part of each normal
Rite On Que package. All our of normal menu packages include sweet and un-sweet tea along with lemonade.  We do not provide alcohol.
Do you have staff that stay on-site?
We do have staff available to stay on-site during your reception.
Staff is a per hour charge per staff member with a 3 hour minimum.
keep the serving line clean and restocked. Additionally, staff can help pre-bus tables 
Staff can serve from the buffet line, typically for proteins.

Staff will dress as advised by the client.
When placing your order, Larry can help advise on the number of staff needed based on the dynamics of your event.
What types of venues do you cater at?
We cater indoor and outdoor weddings at both commercial venues and residential locations. We can adapt to themed, formal, and casual settings.
How do tastings work?
Contact Larry to schedule.
Do you offer custom menus?
We offer as many customized items as you may desire on the menu for your big day. There could be some extra charges for some custom items but we will always let you know that up-front.
Do you deliver to my venue?
We deliver to almost all of Jacksonville and surrounding counties.Larry's BAD@$# Brisket

Some of our catering favorites:

Double L Bristet
The epitome of the American Brisket.  This brisket radiates confidence in everything it does, whether in its 
pre-cooked rub down or it's perfectly smoked and crispy burnt ends where the bark is better than the bite.  This brisket carves its own path, does what it's wants when it wants and is uninfluenced by any fads.  
Josie Slow Smoked Pork Butt/Pulled Pork
Dedicated to all the good people of Josie, AL.  This slow smoked pork butt is a signature favorite at family reunions, graduation parties, weddings, or good ole Hog Waller Mud BOG bash.  All Game Wardens get a free bowl of banana pudding with any pork butt order (wink, wink). 
Smuteye Smokey Ribs
Smuteye, AL has a rich history of spit style cooking dating back to 1973 when I was a little boy.  Over the years of visiting Smuteye with Big John, I became inspired by how the locals prepared their signature spare and St. Louis style ribs.  This rib is cooked low and slow and rubbed down with ROQ-ON Rib Rub, and then begins its self-basting process which lasts for several hours.  This self-basting process that is only noticeable to the trained eye, but if you look real close you may be able to get a glimpse.  "I was so inspired by the Smuteye rib that I have made it my quest to bring the same quality Smuteye rib to you, your family and your friends".  

Union Springs Yardbird
Inspired by our long time hunting buddy Gary who discovered the city of Union Springs where the only thing more beautiful than its ladies is the abundance of fresh yardbirds.  You will find these famous yardbirds on every street corner, in every yard, in every smoker, on every grill and even 
wandering through the local Muc Donald's.  Our chickens are very proud to hold the Union Springs Yardbird name. 
Pop's Southern Fried Chicken
Pop's Southern Fried Chicken is nothing to joke about.  Fried chicken is a staple in most southern homes, but when your fried chicken is requested time and time again then you must have something great.  Empires were built from great fried chicken and we expect nothing less when this chicken hits the streets.  "Pop's is the person who influenced me and my love for cooking.  He taught me how to cook properly while exhibiting a great sense of humor and taught me to have a great time doing what I love.  Miss ya Pop! ".  

Other Favorites and Sides
WHOLE HOG  - We can do up to 6 whole hogs
Shrimp and Grits - Creole butter sauteed Shrimp with cheesy grits topped with bacon
Jambalaya - Creole at its best
Low country boil - Spicy or not spicy, shrimp or 
crawdaddies, anything works
Jalapeno Poppers - slow smoked stuffed with cheese and bacon
Peaches BBQ Baked Beans - full of brisket and pulled pork
Red beans and Rice - we suggest adding some hot sauce and some fresh cut onion
Creamy Mac 'n' 'Cheese - man, now I am really hungry
Coleslaw - not your average coleslaw - you'll see
Banana Pudding - pudding, bananas,
niller wafers, and a few extra surprises.  Served chilled.


"where heaven meats earth"